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Trips to Slovenia

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Shopping at Slovenia

Slovenia stands out for its contribution to the field of design. This can be seen both in the garments of Slovenian fashion houses, most of them concentrated in the capital, and in articles of craftsmanship or the furniture that is sold in the decoration stores. Some products such as ceramics, glassware, lace, goldsmithing and wooden items have a long tradition, as people have crafted these goods since ancient times in many of the small towns that dot the countryside. Today, many of these items can be found in the Ljubljana flea markets, where numerous relics are found; as well as in the most exclusive stores of shopping centres such as Nama, Maximarket and BTC City. In the gastronomic sector, Slovenia stands out for producing some of the best European wines. These can be purchased in the wineries themselves or in the different wine shops spread throughout Slovenia.


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