What is Black Friday?

what is black friday

The frenzied shopping mania and carnage of Black Friday will soon be upon us. What started this madness, and what exactly is Black friday?

Where did Black Friday come from, and what is it?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. Originally known as Black Friday due to the problems produced by swarms of shoppers hunting for the best deal. Police in Philadelphia coined the phrase to describe the spike in accidents on this day. 

Many claim that the day was popular with shoppers before it was labelled as such. Workers would skip work in order to cram in that Christmas shopping before the masses took to the high street. Instead of investigating whose sick claims were legitimate, many business owners decided to make it a holiday. To this day Black Friday is a public holiday in 20 US states.

Not up for a tug of war for a Plasma screen, or a fight to the death over a cheap toaster? We suggest arming yourself with nothing but a laptop to keep the bargain hunting virtual this Black Friday. Lock yourself in, board up the windows, and scroll below for our incredible deals to worldwide destinations. 

India & All-inclusive Maldives 

For those craving a tropical take on luxury, the 1,200 islands of the Maldives is the destination of choice. Why not mix the all-inclusive bliss of these astounding beach resorts, with an explosion of Indian vibrance, and one of the Seven Wonders of The World? This multi-centre vacation is an incredible fusion of culture and indulgence. Our 12 day adventure takes your from bustling Delhi to the charm of Jaipur, before traversing the magical landscapes of Rajasthan to iconic Agra. Continue through the magnificent Buland Darwaza (the Door of Victory) to the magical grounds of the Taj Mahal, before grabbing yourself a much needed cocktail on the world’s best beaches in the Maldives. Our Black Friday deal of this incredible package is unmissable for travellers who want it all. 

The Wonders of China

Steeped in over 3,000 years of fascinating history and spanning over 3,700 square miles, China is as fascinating as it is gigantic. With a culture inherently different to the west, a trip to the Orient is not for everyone; an open mind is essential when travelling to East Asia. Our exclusive 17-day trip begins with the charming streets of Beijing, before venturing to the lands of the ancient dynasties. Stride across the Great Wall before heading to Xi’an to marvel at the 8,000 Terracotta Warriors. Meander along the Li river and weave through the serene beauty and quaint towns dotted along its banks. Peppered with oriental delights, alluring streets and compelling tours, this tour is perfect for anyone yearning to experience China in all its glory. 

The Imperial Charms of Russia

Covering an expanse of over 6.6 million square miles, a trip to the world’s largest country may seem rather daunting.  Our expert team have put in the work to ensure your time is spent on more important things, like perfecting ten ways to say cheers in Russian. 

Delve into  the imperial gems of on an 8-day tour of  Moscow and St. Petersburg. Stroll around the grand avenues of the capital to visit the emblematic Red Square and the glorious Kremlin. After a few days in Moscow hop on the Sapsan Bullet Train to St. Petersburg, a city formed to wow the world with Russia’s greatness. Wander around its charming canals and cobbled squares before stepping inside the regal halls of the State Hermitage Museum. Finish your cultural getaway with the imposing Peter and Paul Fortress, steeped in dramatic tales of Russia’s past. This Black Friday special is a must for culture vultures. 

The Marvels of Madagascar

Madagascar flows from lush forests, sweeping canyons to arid crimson plains dotted with ancient baobab trees. Teeming with breathtaking biodiversity, this relatively unknown African country is home to its own unique fauna and wildlife. This 17-day tour to this lesser known jewel of Africa, begins with vibrant highlands of Begin by exploring the vibrant capital of Antananarivo, dotted with relics of its colonial past.  Venture south to see the orange landscapes of Antsirabe studded with quaint clay houses. Be left aghast by the ancient baobabs of Morondava, before getting to know the locals unique to this island: Lemurs.  Explore Fianarantsoa to come face to face with these cheeky marsupials, and exotic birds in the rainforest of Ranomafana. Bring your trip to an end by losing yourself on the creamy white shores of Ifaty.

Enchanting Ecuador

Ecuador is an explosion of latin colour, snow peaked volcanoes and astonishing wildlife.  

Fly to this intriguing part of South America to discover Quito, the oldest capital in South America, the waterfalls of Banos, the fiery mountains of Lasso, before immersing yourself in the latin buzz of Guayaquil. 

Unwind in the blissful hot springs of Papallacta before a canoe trip into the jungles of Tena. No trip to Ecuador would be complete without a visit to shores of the The Galapagos. Thriving with natural delights of spectacular fauna and flora, relax on the beaches of Santa Cruz. Recline in the sun while looking out for rare blue-footed boobies and giant Galapagos tortoises ambling across the beach. 

Black Friday at Exoticca

black friday travel in the US

All of our fantastic getaways will be available with a discount of up to €400. The deals begin on the 25th November until the 2nd of December, to coincide with Cyber Monday.

How does it work?

All you have to do is enter the discount code the corresponds to the total price of your trip.

At the checkout page apply the discount to grab a travel bargain. Take a look at our exciting range of Black Friday deals by clicking the button below. Happy Black Friday!

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