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what to see in cusco

Not sure what to see in Cusco? Let us be your guide!


One of Peru’s main tourist destinations is a magical spot nestled between mountains, valleys, lagoons and rushing rivers. We’re talking about that beautiful, magical place considered a World Heritage Site thanks to its rich historical legacy. In this article, we tell you what to see in Cusco. When in Cusco,...


The 15 best places in South America to go on vacation


The new continent has everything for your vacation trips. We travel South America from south to north and from east to west to show you some dream destinations that could make your next vacation, the best of your life. Contrasts in colors, flavors, landscapes, you will be surprised with the...

best destinations for couple trips

The 10 best destinations for couple trips | Love is in the air


Love is in the air, and there are destinies that know about this. Enchanting places that can reinforce love as a couple and that make the flame of love grow exponentially. These destinations that can become the best honeymoon trips make our dream of the perfect vacation next to the...

best travel movies

11 best travel movies that will make you travel around de world


Sometimes we can’t just pack our stuff and leave. But travelholics have always a substitute for the road. Sometimes, watching a movie takes you where you want to go. this is what happens with these films. The 11 best travel movies ever. 1.- Memories of Africa The photograph and the...

7 Wonders of the world

The 7 Wonders of the world are available to everyone


At least once a year we hear about the 7 Wonders of the World. Most of us want to visit them. Or at least some of them. But we tend to think this kind of travel is far too expensive. Well, we have very good for you. The 7 Wonders of the...

Behind the Nazca Lines


One of the driest places on earth, with only an average of 20 minutes of rain annually, the desert of Nazca, found in the south of Peru, is known across the globe for one thing. Drawings and lines that crisscross the desert, known as the Nazca Lines, have been a...

Machu Picchu: the monument and the mystery


A destination that a multitude of people describes as being on their ‘Bucket List’, Machu Picchu is one of the most popular and desirable places to visit for all intrepid travelers. Perhaps surprisingly, though, most people know little about the history and significance of this ancient monument, apart from its...

3 tips for holidays in Peru with children


Taking children on long-haul travel can be a landmine of obstacles. However, you have decided that it is well worth it and you will visit the Land of the Incas, Peru, with children. You may be feeling nervous or with some trepidation as to how to pull off this once...