Interesting facts about Colombia

Trips For Over 55s

Trips For Over 55s


Trips for over 55s have a somewhat harsh reputation. Yes, we agree that the mere mention of trips for over 55s floods the mind with images of tacky hotels, bland coach trips, or even Weston-super-Mare. However, passing the 50 mark is no excuse to hang up your dreams of seeing...

South American Cities

Top Five South American Cities


Overflowing with multi-coloured alleys and colonial squares teeming with Latin flair, South American cities excite and astound. Try your hand at tango on the streets of Buenos Aires, meet the llamas of Peru, or have your fortune told by witches in the world’s highest city. The array of vibrant cultures,...


The 15 best places in South America to go on vacation


The new continent has everything for your vacation trips. We travel South America from south to north and from east to west to show you some dream destinations that could make your next vacation, the best of your life. Contrasts in colors, flavors, landscapes, you will be surprised with the...

what to see in bogota

What to see in Bogotá? Discover this Colombian locality


Welcome to the Athens of South America! This is how Bogotá is known for its large number of universities, museums, theaters and cultural wealth. The gigantic capital of Colombia can be a fascinating cosmopolitan center where many of the cultures of the country and the American continent converge. Bogotá is...

best time to visit Colombia

When is the best time to visit Colombia

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The best time for traveling to Colombia is during the dry season, which is from December to March. But you have to adapt to the date according to the region of the country that you are planning to visit. It is also recommended to avoid the holiday period for Colombians...

summer destinations

TOP 13 places to travel in summer | Enjoy your vacation


Summer is here! The best time of year for travelers arrives. At last, we are going to enjoy the sun, and this generates a lot of emotion. With the summer your holidays arrive, and it is the moment for you to make those trips of enchantment that you have dreamed...

trips to paradisiacal beaches

Trips to paradisiacal beaches | Stop dreaming


In the trip’s plans, nothing better than the good sun, beaches of white sand and crystal-clear water. For beach lovers, we have very good news: The world is full of wonderful places. We have made for you a list of trips to paradisiacal beaches, full of ideal landscapes and wrapped...

best destinations for couple trips

The 10 best destinations for couple trips | Love is in the air


Love is in the air, and there are destinies that know about this. Enchanting places that can reinforce love as a couple and that make the flame of love grow exponentially. These destinations that can become the best honeymoon trips make our dream of the perfect vacation next to the...

Deep Blue Sea: where to dive in America


70% of our planet is covered with water. This is great news for diving enthusiasts. One of the most beautiful sports in the world, Latin America, is a region that offers a huge amount of points to practice scuba diving. Reefs, caves, boats, sharks and pirate treasures. Dare to immerse yourself...

The most beautiful colonial cities in Colombia


When you visit Colombia, certain cities can be like traveling back in time. Often set in a beautiful backdrop of mountains and lush jungle, Colombia still retains traces of its colonial past. Here we take a look at some of the most beautiful colonial cities in Colombia.   Villa de...