Interesting facts about Canada


10 vacations for over 60s that you will never forget


The golden age comes to many with everything necessary to enjoy the best trips of our lives. Time and will, that desire to want to explore the world after so many years of hard-working. We get a moment of deserved rest and for those who have the time available and...

What to see in Quebec

What to see in Quebec (Canada) | Do not miss it


Quebec is the second largest city in the province with the same name. The history of the city is linked to France from its origins. It is the only Canadian province where most of its population is francophone, and English is not recognized as an official language by the laws...

the best natural parks in Canada

The best natural parks in Canada where you can disconnect


Nature calls us to disconnect, leave the routine and be free. Places to breathe pure air abound, however, we are so enclosed by the stress of our cities that we forget it. That is why it is sometimes good to look at a map and look for extraordinary trips. We...

Canada’s Great Cities


Canada is a mighty place, and home to plenty of fabulous cities. Here is an overview of some of the most intriguing and unmissable metropolises to include in your North American adventure.   Toronto Toronto is often called the New York of Canada, due to its ‘big city’ feel and...