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Malaysia - Map

Located in Southeast Asia, go on a tour package to Malaysia is to enter in one of the most multicultural and colorful countries on the continent. It is made up of different Hindu, Chinese, Malay and indigenous communities that have settled in the peninsula, raising their particular neighborhoods in some of the main cities.

One of those multicultural cities is Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the country and the city where great Hindu temples coexist side by side with mosques and Chinese sanctuaries. Known for the famous Petronas skyscrapers, these two twin towers were once the highest in the world and, today, continue to be the tallest in the country. Colonized by the United Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur has managed to build its own identity mixing the best of the diversity of its citizens. The same is true of Malacca, one of the oldest cities in Malaysia whose port has served as a significant destination for maritime trade for years, bringing in products from India, China and the West. Today, this small city receives attention for its architecture and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The beauty of Malaysia's beaches and its unspoiled nature can be found in the islands of Langkawi, or in its many national parks such as Taman Negara, in the north of the peninsula; and Baku, in Borneo. Characterized as one of the best regions in the world for diving, its capital Kuching is the most populated city in the area. From here many excursions depart to go into the jungle or to enjoy the cliffs of its coast. A journey to Kuching cannot be missed on a vacation package to Malaysia.


Information before traveling to Malaysia

  • Entry requirements:
    Passport with a minimum of six months validity.
  • Visa*:
    No entry visa is required.
  • Currency:
    Malaysian Ringgit
  • Language:
  • Electricity:
    240 V. 50 Hz
  • Health:
    There are no mandatory vaccinations for travellers from US.
  • Time zone:
    UTC + 08:00.
  • Other useful information:
  • Tourist Office website:
* Embassies and ministries of tourism can modify the amounts of visas without prior notice
Malaysia - Mapa
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